What is thought to be clean.

This is not on occasion, 9 out of 10 carpets pulled up are similar to this or even worse.
Why choose Hardwood?
What you believe is clean.
Customers often have difficult time choosing wood over carpet due to the cost difference. Of course, carpet is much less cost versus hardwood, but you may want to think about long term versus the present. Wood has less chance staining as to where carpet is fairly easy to do so daily, it takes much more then just a spill so stain your hardwood. Carpets fibers keep in dust, pollens, dirt, animal urine, and many other types of allergens that may effect your living or health whether it be seasonal allergies or as critical as asthma. Wood is a hard surface which allows all those things to be vacuumed or dusted away as opposed to carpet which accumulates more and more over time. The final plus to choosing wood is obviously the look over time, with proper choice of product, your floor may be sanded to raw finish to look brand new again.