At New Age Hardwood floors quality work is a great priority, and sanding an old or  new wood floor is no job for just your average person. Yes there are multiple people who do the work for an unbelievable price, but quality work is not guaranteed with that quote. There are certain steps to the process that some people avoid doing, here at our company it's not even an option. Whether you want a new installed custom or have an old floor you want to bring the beauty out of again, New Age hardwood floors is the company to contact. A new sanded floor no matter the species of wood brings out the most gorgeous look for your home. Though it is a timely process, it is our most recommended choice to be one hundred percent satisfied with the floor you choose, due to the fact it is the custom look you want to coordinate exactly with your home.

Custom sand & finish
Sand and refinish of existing 3" Brazilian Cherry.